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Maney’s Global Distribution

Maney achieves dissemination of the scholarship it publishes with the aim of enabling the broadest access.  The following describes our representation and the channels that we use across the globe. 


We have over 6,000 subscribing customers in 96 countries worldwide.  The percentage split by region 

is as follows:



We  partner with the representatives of consortia groups in the following nations and are working with many more to secure agreements for 2012:


  • AUS/NZ
  • Canada
  • China
  • India
  • Japan
  • S.Africa
  • Brazil
  • UK
  • USA


Third Parties

Increasingly important are channels such as PubMedCentral, Ebscohost, and initiatives such as Research4Life and HINARI, with whom we work and who have extended the reach of our authors to the developing world, to public libraries, and to professionals and practitioners. Through our licensing partnerships, we reach users in excess of 8,000 additional institutions.


Maney titles are included in over a hundred worldwide abstracting and indexing services to ensure the dissemination of metadata via services such as Thomson Reuters Web of Science and the Citation Indexes of ISI, SCOPUS, IET, and CSA and discovery services such as Ebsco Discovery, Primo, and others. Additionally, some titles have archives in JSTOR.


Licensing the reuse of all Maney content is managed and audited by PLS and CCC.


Distribution contacts for  Maney.

Shelly Turner, Director of Marketing Sales


  • Australia/New Zealand
  • China working in partnership with Charlesworth China
  • S.America  working in partnership with Dotlib Information, Brazil
  • Canada and USA working in partnership with Dotlib International, USA


Paul Curtis, Journals Sales Manager:


  • Europe - Nordics working in partnership with Ebsco Empact regional offices
  • India working in partnership with Informatics, India
  • Middle East working in partnership with Ebsco Empact regional offices
  • South Africa
  • South East Asia and Japan working in partnership with Ebsco Empact regional offices
  • UK working in partnership with JISC/NESLI2, UK