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What Maney can do for you
Maney offers a comprehensive publishing service to societies wishing to outsource their journal's management, yet retain editorial control and ownership. Within such a service, full financial management, production, and marketing services are offered, including subscription management and mailing. Our online journals are hosted by IngentaConnect and HighWire Press, and we are a member of Cross Ref, the reference-linking project.

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Contact information for our Business Development team

A list of journals published on behalf of societies

New proposals
Maney Publishing is always pleased to consider proposals for the launch of completely new journals or the publishing of existing journals should a society wish to change its current arrangements. We have a particular interest in the following subjects:

  • Materials Science and Engineering

  • Health Sciences

  • Archaeology & Heritage

  • Language, Literature & Culture

  • History

In order to evaluate a proposal for a new journal, we would need the following:

  • Main title and subtitle, with some alternatives.

  • The initial number of issues, and the number and type of articles that might be published (reviews, commentary, primary research, methods, educational summaries, etc).

  • A short Aims and Scope of up to 150 words and a longer discursive one of 4-5 paragraphs (the former might appear in the journal itself, the latter would be used for marketing and on the Maney website).

  • The name and address (postal and email) of the proposed Editor and Co-editors.

  • The names of people who might serve on the editorial board (subject to confirmation).

  • A comprehensive review of the competition with the salient features of each title and the reasons why the new journal would be different.

  • A list of topics on which the journal would seek to publish and a list of past papers that it might have published.

  • The ISI category under which the new journal would be classified.

  • At least seven headwords that could be used for a database search to assess the number of potential authors for the new journal.

  • National and international conferences that potential authors and subscribers would attend.

  • The prospects of the journal being adopted by a professional or scholarly society. In such circumstances, would the journal be included in the membership fee?

  • The possibility of receiving sponsorship for some of the start-up costs, including the editors' expenses.

  • The names of societies from which we might be able to obtain mailing lists for promotion.

  • The names and addresses of at least six referees that would be able to give us an assessment of the merits of the proposal.