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The Recent Archaeology of the Early Modern Period in Québec City

A special issue of Post-Medieval Archaeology, Volume 43 Part 1 2009
Published on behalf of the Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology
ISBN: 978 1 906540 89 0
October 2009

This volume is the result of collaboration between SPMA and the Association des archéologues du Québec (AAQ); its guest editor is William Moss, Chief Archaeologist for the City of Québec. The publication has arisen from the celebration of the 400th anniversary of the city's founding by Samuel de Champlain in 1608, an occasion which gave momentum to a number of important archaeological projects in the city and surrounding region, and provided an excellent opportunity to present their results. It contains sixteen papers, all translated from French, the language of Québec City. They include accounts of exciting discoveries relating to the port, the great chateau on the crag above it, the defences, and the newly discovered remains of the short-lived colony of the 1540s. The papers underline Quebec's status as one of the leading centres of urban research in North America. The volume provides the only modern overview of archaeological work in the city in the English language.


Introduction: the archaeology of a North American city and the early modern period in Québec
William Moss

The natural environment of the Québec City region during the Holocen
Louise Filion, Martin Lavoie and Lydia Querrec

A universe under strain: Amerindian Nations in north-eastern North America in the 16th century
Marcel Moussette

Charlesbourg-Royal and France-Roy (1541-43): France's first colonization attempt in North America
Richard Fiset and Gilles Samson

The archaeological collection from the Cartier-Roberval site (1541-43): a remarkable testimony to French colonization efforts in the Americas
Hélène Côté

From myth to reality: archaeobotany at the Cartier-Roberval Upper Fort site
Julie-Anne Bouchard-Perron and Allison Bain

The Saint-Louis forts and chateaux site: archaeology in the heart of New France
Pierre Cloutier and Paul-Gaston L'Anglais

The origins of the Château Saint-Louis, the residence of the Governor of New France
Manon Goyette

Fort Saint-Louis and other 17th-century fortification works discovered recently in Québec City
Jacques Guimont

The Intendant's Palace site: urbanization of Québec City's Lower Town
Réginald Auger, Daniel Simoneau and Allison Bain

The Intendant's Palace site: new insight into its physical evolution and initial occupation
Daniel Simoneau

Bugs, seeds and weeds at the Intendant's Palace: a study of an evolving landscape
Allison-Bain, Julie-Anne Bouchard-Perron, Réginald Auger and Daniel Simoneau

Québec in the time of Champlain
Françoise Niellon

The Seminary of Québec site: from New France's earliest farm to its first religious institution
Daniel Simoneau

An archaeological view of the French colonial port of Québec
Serge Rouleau

The foreshore of the St Lawrence at the Îlot Hunt site in the 17th and 18th centuries: an open dump?
Céline Cloutier