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Each month we focus on a key subject area or journal, lifting restrictions on content to make it freely available to all, and providing additional insights into the teams behind the journals, the journal histories, and their contents. This exciting feature includes articles and videos on our new journal Twentieth-Century China, the career of Ted Farmer,  early medieval finds in China, Matteo Ricci and 400 years of the Nantang Cathedral in Beijing, Chinese music, Tang cities, the May Fourth Movement plus discounted subscriptions and much more!

Chinese Studies

 Early Medieval China...
is the only journal in the world dedicated to the transformative Six Dynasties period. It explores all aspects of Chinese history, literature, society and material culture of the years 220 to 589 AD.

Ming Studies...
presents significant peer-reviewed articles on all aspects of Chinese society from the 14th to 17th centuries.

T'ang Studies...
is open to critical enquiry into all aspects of Tang China from the 7th to 10th centuries, particularly literature, history, religious studies and art history.

Twentieth-Century China...
is the official journal of the Historical Society for Twentieth-Century China and new to Maney Publishing for 2011. The journal's focus is Chinese history from the late Qing dynasty to the turn of the twenty-first century.

Back archives available online!

Full back archives for Early Medieval China (1994), Ming Studies (1975) and T'ang Studies (1982) are available online via IngentaConnect. An archive for Twentieth-Century China dating back to 1994 is also available online.

The China Beat

Special issues.....

Chinese Music

Sneak preview of the January 2012 special issue of Twentieth-Century China on music in Shanghai during the first half of the twentieth-century.  Listen to excerpts of compositions by renowned Russian-Chinese composer Aaron Avshalomov. The full compositions can be purchased from Naxos, the world's leading classical music group.

In his article “Aaron Avshalomov and New Chinese Music in Shanghai, 1931-1947”, Dr John Winzenburg (Hong Kong Baptist University) explores the influence of Russian-Chinese composer Aaron Avshalomov.

Another article set to feature in the issue is "Divide and Connections in Chinese Musical Modernity: Cases of Musical Networks Emerging in Colonial Shanghai, 1919-1937" by Dr Joys Cheung (City University of Hong Kong). Read the full abstract.

 On Tang Cities

Volume 29 (2011) of T'ang Studies will investigate the role of the medieval city in Sui and Tang China and how it differed from the early modern period. The image above is the city of Luoyang during the time of the Sui dynasty and is featured in the article "The Miscellaneous Record of the Reign of the Great Enterprise and Sui Luoyang" by Victor Cunrui Xiong (Western Michigan University, USA). Read an introduction to the issue by guest editor Jack W. Chen (UCLA, USA) here.

May Fourth Movement






A special issue of Twentieth-Century China dedicated to the May Fourth Movement is due to be published in September 2012. Dr Anne S. Chao (Rice University, TX, USA) gives an insight into the early networks of the founder of the Chinese Communist Party, Chen Duxiu, in her article "Network Analysis and the Study of Early Republican China: Some Preliminary Reflections". Read the full abstract.

The China Beat

Blogging how the East is Read

The China Beat provides context and criticism on contemporary China from China scholars and journalists. Read recent posts made to the blog below...

In Search of Old Chinese Films

A Jesuit in the Forbidden City: Matteo Ricci, 1552-1610

Not Drowning but Waving?

Shanghai Spaces & Histories: Thoughts on Reading Qiu Xiaolong's Years of Red Dust

From the Group comes the Nation: China's First Mass Political Organization, the Baohuanghui

Book Review: Embattled Glory

(Not Quite Frivolous) Friday: High Tea and the Opium War

The Man in the Picture

Hu Jintao's "Concession" on Human Rights

The PRC and PR: Baffling Messages in Times Square?


Editor's choice....

(Double-click to view videos at full-size.)

Dr Jay Carter introduces Twentieth-Century China and tells us what's in store for the journal in 2011 and beyond...

Dr Keith Knapp, President of the Early Medieval China Group, introduces Early Medieval China and discusses the recent purported discovery of Cao Cao's tomb... 

Ming Studies, presents a video of a performance by ¡Sacabuche! in Beijing, in honor of the anniversary of Matteo Ricci's death in 1610.....


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Early Medieval Finds in China 





In a summary article and video interview Keith Knapp, president of the Early Medieval China Group, considers the implications of recent early medieval China archaeological finds, in particular the purported discovery of the Cao Cao tomb in the city of Anyang in Henan province. Read the full article here.

Celebrating the career of Professor Edward Farmer

In late February 2011, a conference or 'Tedfest' was held in honour of Professor Edward L Farmer as he retired from the University of Minnesota after 42 years. Professor Farmer (second from right) also served as Managing Editor of Ming Studies from the mid 1990s to this year and is a key figure in the field of Ming studies.

Read a tribute to Professor Farmer by the journal's current editor Dr Ken Hammond.


Dr Christopher Nugent



Christopher Nugent is an Associate Professor of Chinese at Williams College and assumes the role of editor for T'ang Studies in 2011. He received his Ph.D in 2004 from Harvard University where he studied pre-modern Chinese poetry with Stephen Owen. His recent book "Manifest in Words, Written on Paper: Producing and Circulating Poetry in Tang Dynasty China." deals with oral and written modes of producing and circulating poetry. His current research interests include approaches to reading, memory, and the organization of knowledge in medieval China.


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Early Medieval China
Ming Studies
T'ang Studies
Twentieth-Century China



Matteo Ricci and his mission in 17th century China









2010 marked the 400th anniversary of the death of Matteo Ricci. In recognition, Linda Pearse, the director of ¡Sacabuche!, and Cathy Barbash, a China cultural exchange specialist began conversations about developing a program which would explore musically both the Italian world of Ricci’s birth and his adult home of China. Read the story behind the performance.

The full article "Performing Matteo Ricci: The Map and the Music" by Ann Waltner, Linda Pearse and Qin Fang is to appear in Volume 62 of Ming Studies, download the table of contents.  

 Spotlight on....
Twentieth-Century China

The official journal of the Historical Society for Twentieth-Century China.

"Twentieth-Century China has long been an important go-to place for smart work on Chinese social, cultural and intellectual history...I'm delighted to see it continue to move in new directions" - Jeffrey Wasserstrom, renowned expert and editor, Journal of Asian Studies

Maney is happy to announce the addition of Twentieth-Century China to our history list in 2011.

Currently in TCC....

In this video Dr Diran John Sohigian introduces his article "Confucius and the Lady in Question: Power Politics, Cultural Production, and the Performance of Confucius Saw Nanzi in China in 1929" which features in Vol.36.1 of TCC and is available free to download in our Chinese Studies Virtual Journal.

Read the table of contents for this issue here.

Coming soon in TCC....

"Writers from Anhui and Provinciality in Modern China" is an article by  Dr Mark Gamsa due to appear in the July 2011 issue. Read an abstract here. 



Early Medieval China Group

The Early Medieval China Group is dedicated to studying the history of China during the tumultuous but culturally rich period that lasted from AD 220 to 589.  This period is known by a variety of names, such as the Period of Disunion, the Early Medieval era, the Northern and Southern dynasties, or the Six Dynasties, because China was not ruled by a single dynasty but was politically fragmented.  Our group meets once a year at the annual meeting of the Association for Asian Studies and publishes a scholarly periodical called Early Medieval China.

For more information and to become a member go to the society website.

Historical Society for Twentieth-Century China

The Historical Society for Twentieth Century China (HSTCC) is dedicated to scholarly interchange about modern China.  Founded in 1983, the HSTCC has been the organizer or co-organizer of a number of international conferences, as well as the sponsor of numerous panels at national meetings of the Association for Asian Studies and the American Historical Association. 

For more information and to become a member go to the society website.

Society of Ming Studies

The Society of Ming Studies promotes the study of the history and culture of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and provides a forum for exchanging ideas and research.  The society includes specialists in social and intellectual history, literature, art, religion, philosophy, music, warfare, economics and other areas.  The society publishes the Journal of Ming Studies and a book series on Ming topics.  Ming Studies also maintains a website and a listserv for all things Ming.

Individuals who subscribe to Ming Studies will automatically become members of the Society.

For more information about individual subscriptions to the journal, including special discounted rates for students, please email us .

T'ang Studies Society

The T’ang Studies Society is a non-profit organization, incorporated in the state of Indiana. Membership is open to any person or institution interested in the advancement of research on Tang China.

For more information and to become a member go to the society website.

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