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BJPsych International

Formerly International Psychiatry
Distributed by Maney Publishing

Volume 12 (2015), 4 issues per year

Print ISSN: 1749-3676

International Psychiatry is a quarterly journal produced by the College's Board of International Affairs to provide useful information and links in global mental health. Many nations experience similar mental health issues and there is much to learn from others who work in very diverse environments across the globe. The journal provides an overview of current policy and practice in psychiatry in different countries and will help all mental health professionals to learn about and keep abreast of what is happening elsewhere. Original and scientific articles deal with the policy and promotion of mental health, the administration and management of mental health services, and worldwide training in psychiatry.  International Psychiatry should interest all mental health professionals, service providers and health service managers around the world.

“With this improved communication comes an awareness of the commonality of many mental health issues and the recognition that there is much to learn from others working in very diverse environments. …Increasingly we need to have a better understanding of other cultures and the relationship between culture, mental health and psychiatric disorder.”  Professor Hamid Ghodse, Former Director of the Board of International Affairs


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