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The New Year Book for Phenomenology and Phenomenological Philosophy

Distributed by Maney Publishing
Published by Acumen Publishing

Volume 12 (2012), 1 issue per year

Print ISSN: 1533-7472
Online ISSN: 2157-0752

From 2015 onwards this journal will be published by Taylor & Francis.

This journal is hosted by Metapress and is available online at

Founded in 2001 explicitly to fill the void left by the cessation of Edmund Husserl's Jahrbuch für Philosophie und phänomenologische Forschung, The New Yearbook for Phenomenology and Phenomenological Philosophy provides an annual international forum for phenomenological research in the spirit of Husserl's groundbreaking work and the extension of this work effected by such figures as Max Scheler, Edith Stein, Martin Heidegger, Oskar Becker, Jean-Paul Sartre, Emmanuel Levinas, Ludwig Landgrebe, Eugen Fink, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, and Hans-Georg Gadamer. It is the judgment of the editors that besides being an almost century-old tradition of texts and problems, phenomenology is at its core a way of posing fundamental questions and a self-critical methodology. 

The editors solicit the submission both of manuscripts that develop original interpretations of the major thinkers in the phenomenological tradition and manuscripts that expand phenomenology's research horizons. Especially welcome are submissions that explore the relation of phenomenology to the history of philosophy, to contemporary philosophical issues and debates, and to work in related fields. In addition to regular essays, the journal publishes reviews, review essays and also translations of original texts and documents. The journal occasionally publishes special issues on a particular topic such as Volume IX (Becoming Heidegger: On the Trail of his Early Occasional Writings,1910-1927).

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