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A number of licensing options are available for MORE that are designed to suit the differing needs of academic institutions and consortia worldwide. All options are based around the purchase of journals from Maney Publishing in the fields of materials science and engineering, health, history and humanities and are available on single and/or multi-year terms.  

Single Institution Licence
Maney Publishing offers a standard single institution licence for users of the electronic versions of its online journals. Single institutions are classed as being located within one metropolitan boundary with a single billing address for all subscription purchases.  Pricing options are based around the current list price of the journals. Download the licence agreement.

Multi-Site Licence for Single Institutions
Maney Publishing offers a multi-site licence for single institutions. Pricing options are based around the consolidation and/or access to the total holdings of the institution for all sites, plus any additional collections of Maney Publishing journals that may be required.
Download the licence agreement.

Consortia Licence
Consortia licensing options enable participating institutions to join together to expand their resources to the full text of MORE, and to continue to purchase paper titles if required.  Pricing options are based around the collective holdings and/or group purchase of new additional collections of journals from Maney Publishing at a cost acceptable to both parties. Both print and electronic and electronic only options are available.
Download the licence agreement.

All the licensing options available expand the readership of journals by allowing more users access to a wider range of electronic content in addition to existing journal holdings, and offer significant value for money.


In the absence of a separate license agreement for US academic libraries, Maney Publishing follows the SERU guidelines, as published at the NISO SERU website.

Free 30 day trials are available on request in order to evaluate the top quality content and discover how MORE will add value to an institution's library collection.

For further details on any of the licensing options available, or for a free trial, please contact Shelly Turner on or +44(0) 113 386 8169.