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8 March

Maney Publishing strengthens 2012 journal collections

Maney Publishing is pleased to announce that seven new journals have been added to its growing portfolio for 2012. Maney has built new partnerships for 2012 including the European Association of Archaeologists, the European Medical Writers Association, The International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works, and The Chinese Historians in the United States.

Four new health sciences titles (International Journal of Developmental Disabilities; International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health; Journal of Chemotherapy; and Medical Writing) strengthen Maney’s existing list and build on its growing reputation in this discipline.

Two new archaeology, heritage and conservation titles strengthen an already robust list. The European Journal of Archaeology aims to publish the best new archaeological research undertaken in and around Europe. Studies in Conservation publishes research relating to the conservation of historic and artistic works. Sitting alongside titles like Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites and materials science titles on corrosion and surfaces, this new title caters for various professionals including heritage and museum scientists, collection and conservation managers, and teachers and students of conservation.

Maney continues to develop its collection of Chinese studies journals. The Chinese Historical Review publishes original research on the history of China in every period, China's historical relations with the world, the historical experiences of the overseas Chinese, and comparative and transnational studies of history, and complements existing titles such as Early Medieval China and Tang Studies.

Maney’s Managing Director Michael Gallico is excited by the acquisitions. “Maney is well placed as a specialist publisher of society-owned journals that offers personalised service and innovation and we are delighted that an international cross-section of new publishing partners has recognised that. We can move ahead confidently in 2012 to further strengthen our lists and global presence.

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