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Reprints and e-prints  
To request a journal article reprint quote, please contact Hope Robinson ( for North and South America inquiries. For all other queries, please contact Lucy McIvor (

You can purchase reprints, e-prints, or the license for a translation, of Maney journal articles. The options include:

•  the article printed in black & white, or in colour, as appropriate;

•  the article printed with a standard cover or a customized cover;  

•  the above with additional content requested by the client (for example, prescribing and other relevant information);

•  reprint collections built up from papers published from several related journals which can be used for education and training;  

•  e-prints for circulation or hosting on an intranet;

There is a minimum order of 100 copies of a reprint.

For translations and foreign rights please contact us directly.

Journal article reprints can be ordered as soon as a paper is accepted for publication. It can be delivered after typesetting and the allocation of a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) and online publication in Fast Track; or you can wait until the article has been allocated to an issue with the full pagination.


Any reproduction from Maney’s publications, apart from for the purposes of review, private research or 'fair dealing', must have the permission of the copyright holder. Requests for such permission must be addressed to Maney’s Permissions Section,, which acts on behalf of the copyright holders. In all cases, acknowledgement of the journal must be made. Maney is a member of STM and permissions are granted and any charges made according to the Guidelines offered by this organization.

To ensure all requests are processed as quickly as possible, please include the following details with any permission request:

•  Your name and full address details including any institutional affiliations;

•  Details of the material you would like to republish including, author name(s), article title, journal title, volume number, issue number, year of publication, page number(s), figure number(s);

•  Title and details of where the material will be republished (in a journal, a book, thesis, dissertation or similar);

•  New Publisher’s details;

•  Proposed re-publication date.

Whilst we endeavour to respond to all requests as soon as possible, please allow five working days for permission requests to be processed.


Sponsored supplements may be published in addition to the regular issues of the journal. Maney can produce supplements alongside your required journal; all supplements are peer-reviewed. Journals indexed by PubMed will index supplements published under that journal’s title. Thomson ISI index supplements at their discretion. Supplements can be produced electronically or electronically and in print. All supplements are made available to journal subscribers and we can produce the required number for distribution by the client/sponsor. Supplements are often published through the financial support of non-profit organizations, pharmaceutical companies, device and equipment companies, or medical education companies.

Supplements can comprise, but are not limited to:
•  Collections of papers on a key theme;
•  Symposia/conference proceedings;
•  Abstract collections.

To discuss a possible supplement please contact 

Maney offers print and electronic advertising options in all of its publications.

Print advertising information and costs can be found on each individual journal homepage.

Online banner advertising is presented next to the online version of the journal on the IngentaConnect online platform.

For more information please enquire at


Compilations and e-collections
Maney can create compilations of articles from different journals for conferences, training and other educational purposes.

An example of a compilation on stroke.

A commercial sponsor or educational institution can work with Maney staff to select the papers that are most relevant to their needs, and cover the cost of a subscription for clients.


Maney can also develop customized communications that disseminate the content of journals in different digital formats, including webinars and webcasts, e-learning networks, and video presentations.



Please use the links in the right-hand menu to access all the information you need regarding pricing, electronic journal collections and online publishing.